4 Different Types Of Self Storage Facilities

Published on 2/21/2023

Self-storage facilities have become a popular choice for people who need extra space for storing their belongings. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right self-storage facility. In this blog, we will discuss four different types of self-storage facilities and their unique features.

  1. Indoor Self-Storage Facilities Indoor self-storage facilities are enclosed structures with temperature-controlled units. These facilities are ideal for storing items that require protection from extreme temperature changes. The temperature-controlled environment can help protect items such as electronics, musical instruments, and artwork. Indoor self-storage facilities usually have a security system that includes video surveillance, gated access, and an alarm system. The access to the storage units is usually through a hallway, which is also climate-controlled. This type of facility is often more expensive than outdoor self-storage facilities due to the added features.

  2. Outdoor Self-Storage Facilities Outdoor self-storage facilities are usually made up of rows of storage units, each with its own individual door that can be accessed from the outside. These facilities are more affordable than indoor self-storage facilities and are ideal for storing items that do not require climate control. Outdoor self-storage facilities are commonly used for storing vehicles, such as cars, boats, and RVs. They are also suitable for storing construction equipment, landscaping tools, and outdoor furniture. Outdoor self-storage facilities usually have a fence around the perimeter, an electronic gate with a security code, and sometimes, security cameras.

  3. Drive-Up Self-Storage Facilities Drive-up self-storage facilities are similar to outdoor self-storage facilities in that the units are accessed from the outside. However, they have the added convenience of being able to drive up to the unit with a vehicle for loading and unloading. This type of storage facility is beneficial for people who need to store large, heavy items that are difficult to carry long distances. Drive-up self-storage facilities often have a roll-up door that can be locked and sometimes have an additional door for pedestrian access. These facilities may have fewer security features than indoor or outdoor self-storage facilities but are still equipped with surveillance cameras, electronic gates, and good lighting.

  4. Portable Storage Units Portable storage units are a newer type of self-storage facility. These units are delivered to the customer's location, where they can be loaded with belongings. Once loaded, the portable storage unit can be picked up and stored in a warehouse or outdoor storage facility. This type of storage facility is convenient for people who need to move and want to pack and load their belongings at their own pace. Portable storage units are also an excellent option for people who need temporary storage while they are renovating their home or office. Portable storage units come in various sizes, and the pricing may be based on the size of the unit and the length of time it is stored.

In conclusion, choosing the right self-storage facility depends on your specific storage needs. If you need to store valuable items that require climate control, indoor self-storage facilities are the best option. If you have large, heavy items that are difficult to move, drive-up self-storage facilities may be the best choice. If you need temporary storage, portable storage units are the way to go. Finally, if you have items that do not require climate control and need an affordable option, outdoor self-storage facilities may be your best bet. Regardless of your needs, all self-storage facilities should have security features to protect your belongings.

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